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Monogrammed chair covers with Heirloom Font

Photos and instructions for making these decorative chair covers have been emailed to us by Marcia Daniels. Marcia, thank you!
This is a very interesting project - noticeable, and utilizing an unusual material. Below you will find a detailed instruction for making chair covers for almost any shape of chair.

Monogrammed chair covers with Heirloom Font

Supplies List:

  • Heirloom Monograms embroidery font
  • 4 15-inch lengths of 3/4" ribbon
  • Pre-quilted fabric measured to fit your chair back (may be purchased ready, in fabric store!)
  • Matching or contrasting lining fabric measured to fit your chair back
  • Embroidery Polyester Thread in colors to match your home decor
  • Cut-away stabilizer
  • Temporary spray adhesive

    Step-by-Step Instructions:

    1. Make a paper pattern by tracing the shape of the chair back adding a seam allowance on all sides.

    2. Using the paper pattern of the chair back, cut a front piece and a back piece from the pre-quilted fabric (see photo #1 - it shows lining, pattern and quilted cover):
    Monogrammed chair covers with Heirloom Font
    3. Embroider design (Heirloom Monograms) in the center of the front piece.

    4. Cut optional lining from a matching or contrasting fabric using instructions in #2 above.

    5. Sew the two quilted pieces right-sides-together at the top(press seams & clip as needed)

    6. Sew the two lining pieces right-sides-together at the top (press seams & clip as needed)

    7. Pin the quilted pieces to the lining pieces right-sides-together and stitch all sides leaving an opening at the bottom back piece for turning (see photo # 2):
    Monogrammed chair covers with Heirloom Font
    8. Turn project right-side-out and press seams, and hand-stitch the bottom back opening.

    9. Cut four pieces of 15" ribbon and tack one piece to each of the lower sides of the chair cover.

    10. Drape the chair cover over the chair back and tie the ribbons (see photo #3):
    Monogrammed chair covers with Heirloom Font