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Denim Jacket with Butterfly Lace Medallions

The jacket came out so cool, that we just had to show it off here.
Detailed instruction for inserting these lace butterflies into a jacket (or any other garment) will will be provided in PDF format together with "Lace Butterflies" collection.
Meanwhile, you may see how well the butterflies lace looks on denim. Also, they have been sewn into the jacket "in-hoop". We didn't attach the lace decorations manually. Embroidery machine did all this job.

To make a similar project, you'll need to have the following supplies in stash:

  • Butterfly Lace Medallions designs or other Lace Design Sets.
  • Strong, not stretchy Polyester Thread or Top and Bobbin Thread in matching colors.
  • Water-soluble backing - preferably fabric-type water-soluble stabilizer.

    Here's how the decorated jacket looks - it has one large lace butterfly on it's back, and two smaller butterflies on the front, on each shoulder:

    These full-color photographs will give you a glimpse of the gorgeous set:
    Denim Jacket  with Butterfly Lace Medallions

    Denim Jacket  with Butterfly Lace Medallions