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Gift Idea with Cyclamen Free-Standing Lace

A Mother’s Day Gift She’ll Remember Forever

Here is a new gift idea that is totally unique and unexpected. This idea can be used to create a variety of presents for Mother’s Day, as well as other occasions. And remember, Mother’s Day is a fine time to honor any of the women – sisters, daughters, grandmothers and friends – who hold a special place in your heart. Show them how much you care by making them the recipient of these useful and memorable gifts.

This project is made from Cyclamen Free-Standing Embroidery Lace.

Here a full-color photograph that will give you a glimpse of the three beautiful items in our project:
Gift Idea with Cyclamen Free-Standing Lace
Gift Idea with Cyclamen Free-Standing Lace

Below is wonderful photographic view of a small vase made from the “Theater Purse” design, showing its three-dimensional quality. The three pieces of the “Theater Purse” are sewn together by hand, side to side to side. The bottom of the bowl is then made from a triangular leather piece. The same basic technique is used to create the flower vase, which you can see more clearly in this picture:
Gift Idea with Cyclamen Free-Standing Lace

And here is a closer view of the Keepsake Box decorated with “Large Corner Cyclamen”:
Gift Idea with Cyclamen Free-Standing Lace

  • "Cyclamen Lace" designs set designs or other Lace Design Sets.
  • Strong, not stretchy Polyester Thread or Top and Bobbin Thread in matching colors.
  • Water-soluble backing - preferably fabric-type water-soluble stabilizer.
  • Any carton, cigar box or keepsake box

    Any combination of those beautiful pieces of art can help you create an amazing gift that will be treasured for years to come.