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Imagine a design that has a look that is so aerial but yet, still earthy. Well, you do not have to imagine anymore, it is here and it was created for you. Each design twirls and flutters into beautiful leaves and vines creating unique bouquets and emblems. Exquisite when embroidered on living room pillows, upholstery, and table covers. To tell you the truth, you can embroidery on anything and still making the design look fresh by choosing different color threads and combination of designs.
Project by Betsy Zimmer Faske: " I merged sections from both collections for the shirt back;
used the Flourish Motifsx2 from Fluttering Petals at the shirt back lower centr bottom.
The Wreath 2 was also used."
Fluttering Petals Embroidery Project
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Wreath embroidery designs

 Stitches: 15226
 Size: 4.01" x 3.51"
 Colors: 5
The Blossom
The Blossom embroidery designs

 Stitches: 18017
 Size: 3.00" x 3.92"
 Colors: 5
Flourish Motif
Flourish Motif embroidery designs

 Stitches: 21052
 Size: 4.40" x 5.51"
 Colors: 6
Elegant Stem
Elegant Stem embroidery designs

 Stitches: 4677
 Size: 2.23" x 4.01"
 Colors: 3
Pearly Stem
Pearly Stem embroidery designs

 Stitches: 6922
 Size: 2.8" x 4.02"
 Colors: 5
Flourish Stem
Flourish Stem embroidery designs

 Stitches: 10098
 Size: 4.05" x 4.00"
 Colors: 5
Wavy Motif
Wavy Motif embroidery designs

 Stitches: 8277
 Size: 3.50" x 1.91"
 Colors: 2
Large Swag
Large Swag embroidery designs

 Stitches: 24261
 Size: 6.27" x 3.43"
 Colors: 4
Frame Base
Frame Base embroidery designs

 Stitches: 16853
 Size: 6.50" x 1.91"
 Colors: 5
Dancing Border
Dancing Border embroidery designs

 Stitches: 14289
 Size: 5.72" x 1.50"
 Colors: 2
Wavy Border
Wavy Border embroidery designs

 Stitches: 6395
 Size: 5.01" x 0.75"
 Colors: 2
Swaying Border
Swaying Border embroidery designs

 Stitches: 4148
 Size: 5.75" x 0.71"
 Colors: 2
Small Swag
Small Swag embroidery designs

 Stitches: 1807
 Size: 3.75" x 0.62"
 Colors: 2
Medium Swag
Medium Swag embroidery designs

 Stitches: 4505
 Size: 4.76" x 1.46"
 Colors: 2
Curly Stream
Curly Stream embroidery designs

 Stitches: 5172
 Size: 5.50" x 1.56"
 Colors: 2
Curly Border
Curly Border embroidery designs

 Stitches: 7603
 Size: 5.22" x 1.02"
 Colors: 2
Branch Motif
Branch Motif embroidery designs

 Stitches: 12380
 Size: 3.22" x 4.00"
 Colors: 2
Frame Side
Frame Side embroidery designs

 Stitches: 6729
 Size: 3.39" x 4.76"
 Colors: 4


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