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Cushion Cover with Roses Essentials Designs

Project of this beautiful cushion was sent to us by Wendy from TX. Wendy used Roses Essentials embroidery designs, Rose Elegance alphabet and ThreaDelight poly thread for this project. It was a gift to her friend's 1'st year marriage anniversary, that's why the pillow is decorated with "J & D" initials. Scroll down to read project instructions.

Cushion Cover with Roses Essentials Designs

This cushion was sewn out from pieces - embroidered corners, front insert with roses and initials, and the main front & back panels. The corners and initials have been embroidered separately, then sewn all together to form a square pillow.

To combine initials together, you may use any embroidery editing software. Just copy the letters you need to one file and position them the way you want. For detailed instruction about joining designs, click here...

Embroider the corners, letters and the roses you see in the middle of cushion. Decide on your future cushion's size, and cut out a square front panel. Cut out the edges, then sew in your embroidered corners. Carefully sew the initials and middle roses on to the top. Decorate all seams with gentle ribbon. Stitch around the square front cushion panel with a lightning or narrow zig-zag, to prevent pealing edges.

To make the back side of your cushion cover, you'll need approximately 6 more inches of fabric than for the front part, to allow space for the closing (where the cushion itself will be inserted). Cut out the fabric, and cut it from the long side into 2 half. Stitch around both pieces of fabric with a lightning or narrow zig-zag, to prevent pealing edges. Then double fold one edge on each of them in place where the opening will be (each folding should be 1/4 inch), iron and sew the folded pieces with simple straight line.

Take a piece of special cushion trimming, in similar color of the ribbons on the top of your cover. It's length should be equal to perimeter of your cushion, + extra couple of inches. Sew the front and back sides of cushion together, inside out, so that the trimming would be located between front and back cushion panels. Since the back of the cushion consists of 2 parts, they should be ~ 3 inches one over another, with the folded sides towards each other. When you sew all parts together, turn the cushion to it's right side. Insert the filling.

Click here to navigate to Roses Essentials designs set. By ordering it, you will get the designs used in this project, and many more cute roses designs! The Alphabet, called "Rose Elegance" , may be purchased separately here...


1. For items that require laundry, it's best to embroider with polyester thread. ThreaDelight is great. Don't use rayon with anything you're going to wash relatively often. Eventually it'll lose color. Polyester is MUCH better because of it's color fastness, and strength.

2. The fabric corners and front insert can also be done with absolutely different fabric color, not like the main cushion cover. In some cases it may even be better to use different color, to achieve more contrast, make the inserts stand out and give the cushion a "quilt look".

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