Edwardian Style Hanger Covers

These lovely vintage style hanger covers have been embroidered by Darla Simmons.
Darla, thank you for the beautiful project!

Few words from Darla herself:

"These hangers are great as gifts, and everyone likes to see their name In Lights (embroidered). These will keep dust off of your finest clothes, and add a spark of class to any closet. You can also use these hanger covers when you travel, to keep that special outfits together.

I used the CORNER 2 and TOP SWAG designs from APPLIQUE Pastel Tulips collection. I placed one, then duplicated (mirrored) the other for the opposite side, in embroidery software. I used Plain Elegant Script font to personalize the covers. These are the simplest applique that I've ever done (I've done four now). I simply followed the directions and I think these came out just beautiful. The one in the small inset was done with black leaves, and I think it came out stunning on the gold silk. I used 1/2 yard lightweight batting. I quilted these, embroidered them, then assembled."

Edwardian Style Hanger Covers with Pastel Tulips Applique

Edwardian Style Hanger Covers with Pastel Tulips Applique