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Stylish Fall Tote with Decorative Ornaments

Photos and instructions for these cool lady bag & glasses case have been emailed to us by Bobbie B. from Memphis. Bobbie, thank you for the awesome project!
Bobbie created these items using beautiful artificial silk in off-white shell color, beaded fringe, stiffing fabric, simple fabric for lining and Decorative Ornaments embroidery designs. Scroll down to see close-up photos, and read instructions for this project.

Stylish Fall Tote with Decorative Ornaments

Instruction for the Glasses Case:
Cut fabric, stiffening and lining the same size. Make a fabric sandwich and serge all three layers together. Sew both sides and bottom (right sides together). Turn right side out. Turn down top hem and top stitch.

Instructions for the Tote Bag:

Step 1: Cut designer fabric and embroider design on it. Cut out a 2 1/2" square piece on each side of the bottom (see photo). cut a stiffening fabric the same size and sew the two pieces together and treat as one from this point on. Sew sides together (right sides together), sew across bottom omitting the two cut outs. Now take the two inside corners of the cut-outs and pull them apart making a straight line (see photo) and stitch across. Turn right side out. Sew on handles.

Stylish Fall Tote with Decorative Ornaments

Stylish Fall Tote with Decorative Ornaments

Step 2: Cut out lining, same as the main part of the purse. Using right sides together, sew the side seams (Do NOT sew bottom seam at this point), rather sew only 1" towards center of bottom on each side ( see photo) then pull out center of the cut-out making a straight line and sew across this (see photo). Right sides together pull lining up around purse and stitch around top, then pull lining up over purse and push to inside and top stitch around top. Pull lining up out of purse and hand stitch opening. Push lining back down inside purse.

Stylish Fall Tote with Decorative Ornaments

Step 3: Hand stitch beaded fringe. Finished!

Stylish Fall Tote with Decorative Ornaments

Click here to navigate to Decorative Ornaments designs set. By ordering it, you will get the designs used in this project, and many more!


1. If you'd like to use more than one design on your bag, like the photo shows, you may want to align and join them into a single file using your embroidery software. It is MUCH easier than aligning them physically, so if you manage to keep within your largest hoop - go for it. To learn joining designs, click here...

2. Beaded fringe may be hard to find in local sewing stores. Yet, PLENTY of most beautiful fringes may be located online. Just go to Google and search for "beaded fringe" or "bead fringe". You'll see...

3. One of the popular and widely available stiffing materials is Timtex.