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This cute project also has been emailed to us by Nancy Babb. Nancy made a very special embroidered gift box using Grapes from Heirloom designs set and decorated the box with lovely bow. The embroidery was done on hand-made paper. The paper Nancy used was of really good quality, so Nancy managed to hoop it the regular way, like fabric and embroider directly on paper. If you'd like to repeat the same project using less suitable paper, you may hoop cutaway backing, attach your paper on top of hooped cutaway using temporary adhesive spray, and then embroider.
Below you'll find an instruction for making this gift box. The tutorial was kindly provided by project author. And here's a photo of ready box.
Embroidery on Paper

Materials Needed:

Heirloom designs
Any glued together box in the desired size, like a candy box
Spray Glue
Handmade paper
White craft glue


1. Hoop and stitch handmade paper just like regular fabric, using design from design from Heirloom set. You may align the designs and save them together in single file, to make the process easier.
2. Carefully break the box down at the glued seams.
Embroidery on Paper
Embroidery on Paper
Embroidery on Paper
3. Completely cover the outside of the box with spray glue.
4. Place the sticky side of the box down onto the wrong side of embroidered paper.
5. Cut the paper around the box, using the box as the guide.
Embroidery on Paper
If you'd like to get embroidery designs used in this project - please visit this link...

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