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Rayon Embroidery Threads

Rayon ThreaDelighT Machine Embroidery Thread

Metallic Embroidery Threads
Metallic Embroidery Thread - ThreaDelighT - 40wt - 1100 yards
Matching Bobbins & Threads Kits
Matching Embroidery Bobbins & Top Polyester Thread Kits
5500 YDS Embroidery Threads
Commercial sized cones with 5500 yards of ThreaDelight embroidery thread and M-size prewound embroidery bobbins with 274 yards of high quality, long-fiber ThreaDelight embroidery thread
Variegated Embroidery Threads
Variegated Polyester Embroidery Threads - 40wt - ThreaDelight - 1100 yards
Bobbin Threads
26 Different colors. Each single cone has 1100 yards of 60 WT ThreaDelight thread. Great for wounding bobbins yourself or can be used as a top thread for thinner embroidery results.