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Fluffy Tote decorated with Nostalgic Flavor Initials:

Photos and instructions for this incredible tote have been emailed to us by Bobbie B. from Memphis. Bobbie, thank you for the awesome project!
Bobbie created this elegant tote bag using sky color suede cloth, some stiffening fabric, simple blue fabric for lining, amber-look plastic handles and Nostalgic Flavor embroidery alphabet. The blue corners on top are actually a letter "J" from this same font. This project is a great demonstration of using several designs in one project to make it complete and rich looking, together with drawing the main attention to central design, just by using appropriate thread colors.

To read detailed directions explaining the entire procedure of sewing a tote, check out another tote bag by Bobbie Berry. Of course you may do the size you need, just keep the main steps similar. Fluffy Tote decorated with Nostalgic Flavor Initials: Fluffy Tote decorated with Nostalgic Flavour Initials:

Click here to navigate to Nostalgic Flavour embroidery font. It's a complete alphabet with all 26 initials!


1. If you embroider on fluffy fabric types, it's a good idea to put a piece of water soluble topping film on top of the fabric, to prevent design stitches from "sinking" into the fabric. This way the designs look much nicer. When working with terry cloth, fleece, velvet, velour and the like it's simply a must.

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