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Old Gold Silk Pillow with Heraldic Embroidery Designs

This royal-style pillow, decorated with heraldic embroidery designs and initial, has been created by Bobbie Berry from Memphis. Bobbie, thank you! It's really beautiful.

The pillow was sewn of silk fabric in old-gold color, and decorated with matching golden trim and embroidery designs. The designs have been embroidered using metallic machine embroidery thread. The initial letter is from "Gold Capitals" embroidery font, and the decorative elements are from "Heraldic Gold" embroidery designs set. Here's a photo of this beautiful pillow:

Old Gold Silk Pillow with Heraldic Embroidery Designs

Instructions for making this pillow:

Cut two pieces of decorator fabric (14" x 18" size). Stitch your embroidery design(s). Cut a 3"x2" piece of fabric and fold both sides towards the middle and stitch to lower middle of front piece.

Pin decorative cord trim, right sides together, around the edge of the front piece, beginning and ending in the middle of the small flange piece. Stitch cording and clip edges. Fold flange down and stitch (On very heavy cording trim this will prevent you from having an overlap that would be difficult or impossible to sew over.)

Pin back to front, right sides together and stitch, leaving a 5" opening in the bottom. Turn right side out, through the opening. Fill with fiberfill and blind stitch opening. Finished!


1. If you want to use more than one design at once, like on this pillow, it may be possible to align and join them into a single file using embroidery software. It's easier than aligning each design separately using the paper template method. So if you manage to keep within your largest hoop - go for it. Here you may learn joining designs in embroidery software.

2. If your piece of fabric is problematic for hooping (too small, too delicate, too slippery or too thick), you may hoop a piece of backing (without the fabric), spray some temporary adhesive spray on that backing and then stick the fabric to an appropriate spot and embroider. You may find some embroidery backing here.

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