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Heirloom Pillow with Elegant Floral Initials and Roses

Photos and instructions for this terrific, gentle pillows have been emailed to us by Bobbie B. from Memphis. Bobbie, thank you for sharing your gorgeous creation!
Bobbie used pearl pink linen matching pearl white trim, a letter from Elegant Floral Initials font and roses vignettes from Sweetfashion Roses designs set to sew this pillow.

Such pillow is very easy to do, and makes an outstanding lady gift for birthday, mothers day or any other occasion. Can also be great for a little girl!

Scroll down to see close-up photos, and read instructions for this project.

Heirloom Pillow with Elegant Floral Initials and Roses

Instruction for white pillow:
Embroider your design and apply trim to front piece as shown on photo below. Make sure to clip the edges of the trim so it will go smoothly around the corners. Place the back piece on top of the front, right sides together, and pin in place making sure to match corners. Place under machine foot feed making sure the front piece is face up and stitch just inside of the previous stitching (where you stitched on the trim) leaving about a 5" opening at the lower corner of pillow. Trim and clip the corners. Turn right side out. Fill with fiber-fill, blind stitch opening and you're finished!

Heirloom Pillow with Elegant Floral Initials and Roses

Heirloom Pillow with Elegant Floral Initials and Roses


1. If you want to use more than one design on one pillow, like these photo show, you may want to align and join them into a single file using your embroidery software. It's MUCH easier than aligning them physically, so if you manage to keep within your max. hoop - go for it. To learn joining designs click here...

2. Start from finding a beautiful trimming, as it's usually easier to locate a matching fabric, and certainly VERY easy to find matching thread colors. The entire beauty of this project is built on great matches between all components - trim, fabric, thread and DESIGNS!

3. You may use the same designs, fabric and trimming to create matching potpourri bag. It will look great with the pillow, and decorate your bedroom.

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