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Mistletoe Carnival Other products by ABC Embroidery Designs
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Hoop size: 5 x 7-inch hoop
Available formats: Art, Pes, Hus, Vip, Shv, Jef, Exp, Xxx, Dst, VP3
Set includes: 22 Embroidery Designs
Designs Style: Floral Embroidery Designs,Christmas Embroidery Designs
Designs Delivery: Designs are offered as instant download, so you can begin your project right away.
For an additional $8.60 you will be given the choice to get designs also on the CD.

According to Christmas custom (which actually originated in Scandinavia), any two people who meet under a hanging of Mistletoe are obliged to kiss. But what many people don't know is that a Mistletoe has a spot in the history books of many different places. For example, the European mistletoe actually was passed down from Greek mythology and is believed to be The Golden Bough of Aeneas, ancestor of the Romans. The berries of a Mistletoe that grow at the time of the Winter Solstice, the birth of the new year, are thought to have been used by Druids in rituals as a symbol of immortality. In Romanian traditions, Mistletoe is considered a source of good fortune. Recently, Mistletoe has become popular in Europe, especially in Germany, for treating circulatory and respiratory system problems, and even cancer.

So where ever you are in the world and whatever reason you have to celebrate this beautiful plant, just remember that we will be celebrating with you! The Mistletoe Carnival is a beautiful set that can enliven any embroidered item. All designs are unique, just like the customs all over the world, so you can create projects that will differ in style and expression. Each design has beautiful berries that are animate and realistic; surrounded by natural leaves and vines that define the whole design. Experience the history and joy on this Christmas with Mistletoe Carnival!
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Crimson Fall

 Stitches: 7513
 Size: 2.80" x 3.01"
 Colors: 5
Jolly Mistletoe

 Stitches: 7683
 Size: 2.55" x 2.50"
 Colors: 5
Missel Trail Center

 Stitches: 8074
 Size: 3.39" x 2.00"
 Colors: 5
Missel Trail Left & Right

 Stitches: 9343
 Size: 4.43" x 2.00"
 Colors: 5
Missel Twig

 Stitches: 6042
 Size: 1.41" x 6.08"
 Colors: 5
Mistletoe Vignette

 Stitches: 6231
 Size: 1.97" x 4.01"
 Colors: 5
Dancing Mistletoe

 Stitches: 9399
 Size: 6.65" x 2.00"
 Colors: 5
Single Swag

 Stitches: 7029
 Size: 4.24" x 2.01"
 Colors: 5
Twilight Border Left

 Stitches: 8593
 Size: 2.00" x 5.32"
 Colors: 5
Twilight Border Right

 Stitches: 5461
 Size: 3.03" x 2.02"
 Colors: 5
Whistling Corner Center

 Stitches: 15337
 Size: 3.11" x 3.11"
 Colors: 5
Whistling Corner Right & Top

 Stitches: 11701
 Size: 2.24" x 3.71"
 Colors: 5
First Crush

 Stitches: 5642
 Size: 1.36" x 2.97"
 Colors: 5
Swaying Corner

 Stitches: 7162
 Size: 3.90" x 3.61"
 Colors: 5
Flaunting Extention

 Stitches: 8533
 Size: 0.95" x 5.50"
 Colors: 5
Flaunting Corner

 Stitches: 6059
 Size: 3.96" x 3.93"
 Colors: 5
Flaunting Extention 2

 Stitches: 8085
 Size: 1.02" x 5.44"
 Colors: 5
Berry Thrush Right & Left

 Stitches: 19086
 Size: 5.13" x 2.70"
 Colors: 5
Berry Thrush Center

 Stitches: 12775
 Size: 2.93" x 2.40"
 Colors: 5
Party of Five

 Stitches: 12547
 Size: 2.96" x 3.02"
 Colors: 5
Furtive Kisses Corner

 Stitches: 23740
 Size: 4.53" x 4.80"
 Colors: 5
Furtive Kisses Extention

 Stitches: 3011
 Size: 2.32" x 1.61"
 Colors: 5


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