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Prewound Bobbins Compatibility Chart
These bobbins, available in two most popular sizes - A and L - fit almost all home embroidery machines. To check which bobbin size is compatible with your machine, click here.
A Size Pre-Wound Bobbins
A Size Plastic Sided Pre-Wound Black & White Bobbins. ThreaDelight Brand.
L Size Pre-Wound Bobbins
L Size Pre-Wound Bobbins. Plastic Sided, Cardboard Sided and Sideless. 26 Colors. ThreaDelight Brand.
Plastic Sided Pre-Wound Bobbins
Plastic Sided Pre-Wound Bobbins. A and L Sizes. 26 Colors. ThreaDelight Brand.
Cardboard Pre-Wound Bobbins
Cardboard Sided L Size White Pre-Wound Bobbins. ThreaDelight Brand.
Sideless Pre-Wound Bobbins
Sideless Black and White Pre-Wound Bobbins. L and M Sizes. ThreaDelight Brand.
Black & White Pre-Wound Bobbins
Black & White Pre-Wound Bobbins. A, L and M Sizes. Plastic Sided, Cardboard Sided and Sideless. ThreaDelight and NEB Brands.
Colored Pre-Wound Bobbins
Colored Plastic Sided L Size Pre-Wound Bobbins. 24 Colors. ThreaDelight Brand.
M Size Pre-Wound Bobbins
M Size Pre-Wound Bobbins for Commercial Machines. ThreaDelight Brand.


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