Kitchen Set with Grape Lace

Take a look at this project of a stunning kitchen set. This set will enlighten your day by being included in brunch gatherings, family picnics, or those cool summer nights. Embroidered with eight beautiful colors.

The set is embroidered using Grapes Standalone Lace embroidery designs.

These full-color photographs will give you a glimpse of the gorgeous set:
Kitchen Set with Grape Lace

Details of the kitchen set:

At the center of this piece is an encircled stitching of a grape vine and finished with a grape bunch at each angle.
Kitchen Set with Grape Lace

Look at how delicate the design looks because of the subdued colors and modest appeal.
Kitchen Set with Grape Lace

This piece truly reflects natural grape colors and attractiveness. v


An invigorating design that will astound your friends and family.
Kitchen Set with Grape Lace

For this project you need:

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