Tableware set with Rose Lace

We prepared these projects to show several ideas of what can be done with the "Rose Lace for Table" designs set. Here are five items we've made - a small round tablemap, two napkins in interesting shapes, a small square tablemap and a table runner.

If you look at lace frames around square tablemap and the runner, you may see that they look quite similar, only the shape and size differs. That's because these lace frames have been built from pieces. You may make a frame of almost any size you want, by adding extra lace-lego-parts from each side of the frame. This designs set reveals an abundance of interesting possibilities.

Hope you like the ideas, and the napkin shapes!

Tableware set with Rose Lace

Tableware set with Rose Lace

Tableware set with Rose Lace

Tableware set with Rose Lace

To make similar projects, you'll need to have the following supplies in stash:

Important Lace-Making Tips:

Here are a few tweaks, that will help you embroider great standalone lace designs:

1. Get the best water soluble backing you can get your hands on. We're now using StabiLighT brand WSB exclusively for all of our projects. And we've noticed that fabric-type backing performs better than film-type.

There are a few reasons for this:

First, fabric wash-away backing is absolutely not slippery, so it "sits" in hoop steadily, doesn't move at all.

Second, fabric wash-away backing practically doesn't stretch while a machine is embroidering.

The difference between fabric-type and film-type is very noticeable during the process of the embroidery, and on the actual stitchouts. So if you don't have the good type of backing yet - get it here ASAP...

2. Always use at least 2 layers of wash-away. One is not enough, even if the backing is very strong. For some reason, with a single layer of backing there are many thread breaks. And this issue disappears when you use enough layers of backing.

3. It's very important to use a proper type of thread. The thread must be strong, but not stretchy. We use ThreaDelight polyester thread for making lace. Most often - the matching colors top and bobbin thread. This way the laces embroider well and look beautiful on both sides. You may get your hands on these lace-thread kits here...

When you want the laces to be especially soft and thin, using the 60wt thread from pre-wound bobbins on both top & bottom makes the lace look great!

4. Whenever possible, try to attach lace designs to your base project BEFORE washing away the backing. This way the shape of lace remains 100% correct and it's easy to secure the lace properly.

5. Read the step-by-step instructions that we include with each set of lace designs. The tips in this email mainly cover the supplies you need to have, in order to achieve great results. The instructions you receive with the designs, on the other hand, cover the little details that we have no space to explain here. So be sure to read all the files you get! They're very easy to follow and understand.

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