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Relaxation Pillow using Violets Design Set

Photos and instructions for this gorgeous pillow have been emailed to us by Bobbie from Memphis.
Bobbie, thank you so much for sending all your beautiful photos and projects!

Bobbie used artificial olive silk with nacreous look, baby pink cotton, white lace trim, olive silk ribbon and Violets Heart for this pillow.

Imagine you've just returned home and all parts of your body are screaming for some rest. You take your shoes off, lie down on your sofa with a beautiful relaxation pillow under your neck, and watch some TV :o)

Scroll down to read step-by-step instructions for making this roll cushion.

Relaxation Pillow using Violets Design Set


Embroider the design. Cut one piece fabric 28" x 22" (the olive one).
Sew a casing on either end for ribbon tie.
Cut one piece contrasting fabric 10" x 22" (the pink one).
Embroider design on this piece of fabric.
Center the embroidered piece and stitch sides, top and bottom to the long piece (see photo).
Using mono-filament thread, stitch lace trim over edges of embroidered piece (see photo).
Right sides together, stitch the long edges of pillow, omitting the casings at either end of pillow.
Turn right side out, press if necessary.
Insert ribbon ties in each end of pillow, draw one end tight and tie bow.
Fill with fiberfill or neck-roll pillow form. Draw tight the other end and make a bow. Finished!

Relaxation Pillow using Violets Design Set

Relaxation Pillow using Violets Design Set

Click here to navigate to Violets designs set and get 11 great violets designs - one used on this pillow, and many more!

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