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Item #: P-0101-14
Our Price: $29.99
Brand ThreaDelight
Thread Length 1100 yards (1000 meters)
Material Polyester Embroidery Threads
Thread Weight 40 wt Embroidery Threads


Kit #14 - Malachite Green LT to Pistachio Green DK, Light Sea Green to Aquamarine Green DK
10 1100-yard cones of strong poly machine embroidery thread

This embroidery thread kit includes 10 gradient colors from ThreaDelight ™ 260 color palette.

There are NO duplicate colors. Each color family includes colors from light to dark, to allow you embroider bold, artistically looking designs.

Many designs, especially floral and abstract ones, look amazing when embroidered using a single color family. And these are exactly the patterns most suitable for clothes, linens and fashion accessories. It's difficult to over evaluate the importance of having gradient colors in your stash.

A little more about the thread itself:

It's weight is 40 wt. The quality is awesome. It looks a bit thicker than other 40wt thread brands we've tried, and this bit of extra volume seems to have very good impact on embroideries. The designs come out dimensional and beautiful. This difference is especially noticeable on towels.

This thread is also exceptionally shiny and colorfast. It's perfect for items that require frequent laundry, are exposed to sun or moisture - like kids clothing, bed & table linens.

Each cone has a small plastic leg. They are steady, leg diameter is 1.6 inches, cone height is 2.7 inches. Because of the proper leg shape and size, the thread unwinds and feeds up properly.

The cones come with neat red caps that can lock thread ends and prevent your thread from unwinding while you aren't embroidering.

You may purchase this 10 cones kit separately, or get it inside a large 260 colors kit. The 260 colors kit is a great buy, because it includes a huge built in quantitydiscount. So if you need quite a few colors - consider getting the entire ThreaDelight ™ palette kit. The price per cone is the best this way.

You may download a color chart in PDF format for this specific thread kit here. This downloadable chart includes large color swatches of all colors featured in current kit, and conversions to ThreaDelight ™ palette from a few other brands. For your convenience, the colors in PDF chart are sorted from light to dark within each color family, like on the photo below. So color matching is more than easy.

Brand ThreaDelight
Thread Length 1100 yards (1000 meters)
Material Polyester Embroidery Threads
Thread Weight 40 wt Embroidery Threads


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