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Wedding Pillows with Monogram 2

Wedding pillows maid by Jennifer Padden using Monogram 2 embroidery designs

"These are some wedding pillows I made for three of my daughters.

Since I made the bridesmaids and wedding dress, I used actual bridesmaid fabric and wedding dress fabric on the black and gold one and found floral files that matched the lilies she used in her ceremony. I used on of my built in fonts for the date and place lettering.
Embroidered Pillow by Jennifer Padden

The pillow sham is a set I made for my niece who married in Scotland.
Embroidered Pillow by Jennifer Padden

The black lace and silver used actual bridesmaid fabric but I had to mimic the wedding dress since her dress was retail. She carried roses for her wedding so I found a file for that and again used my built in fonts for the date and place.
Embroidered Pillow by Jennifer Padden

The blue one has only a small piece of bridesmaid fabric since all the dresses were retail. I hemmed one of them so that is the small piece I had to match dress fabric. It is actually in one strip only on the blue pillow. I had to find matching linen since her dress was professionally altered and I got none of that fabric.
Embroidered Pillow by Jennifer Padden

All of the pillows used built in feather stitch for the separation stitching around each of the patches.

I have a fourth daughter getting married in March and you can be sure she will also get a famous "Mom's Wedding Pillow" too.

I have used the Monogram 2 font on a lot of gifts and I just wanted to say thanks for such a beautiful alphabet.

Jennifer Padden"

Thank you Jennifer!

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