100 Polyester Embroidery Thread Kit 40wt
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Polyester machine embroidery thread kit includes 100 most frequently used colors from ThreaDelight ™ 260-color palette. There are NO duplicate colors - each appears only once. We've picked up colors for this thread kit, trying as much as possible to offer gradient colors within each color family. This selection of 100 thread colors is enough to embroider most designs. It's a great basic kit. And, if you'd like to expand some color families, you may always add them here and single cones you can find here

Threads are also exceptionally shiny and colorfast. Perfect for items that require frequent laundry and exposed to sun or moisture - like kids clothing, bed & table linens.

Each cone has a small plastic leg. Leg diameter is 1.6 inches, cone height is 2.7 inches

Cones come with neat red caps that can lock thread ends and prevent your thread from unwinding while you aren't embroidering.

Download a color chart in PDF format for this thread kit here.

This package comes with: 

      1. 10" x 20" Water Soluble Mesh Fabric Backing for Lace, Cutwork etc 
      2. 10" x 20" Medium Weight Cut Away Backing
      3. 10" x 20" Iron-On Tear-Away Backing
      4. Hot Melt Double Sided Tape 0.5" x 110 yds
      5. 10 Thread Nets 6" each

Water Soluble Mesh Backing

Polyester Embroidery Threads Kit 100 Colors

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