144 L Pre-Wound Plastic Sided Bobbins - Christmas Red (P533)
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144 L Pre-Wound Bobbins - Christmas Red (P533)

Each bobbin includes 125 yards of premium quality long-fiber polyester thread. The color has an exact match in ThreaDelight ™ top poly thread palette!

We digitize and test stitch embroidery designs - a lot of them. Afterdoing a simple calculation, we realized that it is cheaper to use prewound bobbins (not mentioning the saved time & frustration).

The bobbins include 60 wt thread, are L size, plastic sided. Most embroidery machines use exactly this type of bobbins. If you're not sure whether your machine accepts L size bobbins, just measure your original bobbin. If it's diameter is 0.8 inches (20 millimeters) and the height is 0.3 inches (7.5 millimeters), then your machine takes L size bobbins and you may safely buy this kit.
Also, here's a list of embroidery machines sorted by the type of bobbins they use.

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