24 L Pre-Wound Plastic Sided Bobbins - 12 Colors
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24 L Pre-Wound Bobbins - 12 Colors

Beautiful colors. Wonderful for the so popular lace and cutwork designs. Imagine that you don't need to wind bobbins for these stitch-intensive designs! You just insert one ready bobbin and Voila - you get gorgeous colored lace without any headache.

We digitize and test stitch embroidery designs - a lot of them. Afterdoing a simple calculation, we realized that it is cheaper to use prewound bobbins (not mentioning the saved time & frustration).

These prewound bobbins include the largest possible amount of thread per bobbin, as they have no sides and this free space is taken by extra thread.

These ThreaDelight ™ bobbins are champions, both for price and quality.Excellent prewound bobbins for home and professional use.

  • The bobbins have plastic sides & core - to move smoothly into the bobbin case.
  • Due to parallel wound, ThreaDelight ™ bobbin includes a lot more thread than any home wounded bobbin does. This allows embroidering much longer, instead of stopping in the middle of designs!

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