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It's 50 FREQUENTLY USED colors, no duplicates. Each cone is 1100yd (1000 meters). The cones have very good shape. Their plastic legs are steady, yet not too large (leg diameter 1.6 inch, cone height 2.7 inch). Because of this thread unwinds and feeds up well.

Red caps prevent the thread from unwinding while you aren't embroidering.

Thread weight is 40 wt - ultimate for almost all embroidery designs you can purchase. It's very shiny, smooth and looks beautiful when embroidered. It's radiance overpasses even most rayon threads, while keeping strength and color resistance of polyester. Perfect for items that require frequent laundry, are exposed to sun or moisture - like kids clothing, bed & table linens.

Each included color is USEFUL, most have light, medium and dark shade within their color family, like the photo shows. Gradient colors enable embroidering almost any design, including natural looking ones, with light and shade effects. Promise that you will feel a huge relief having this kit. It eliminates most "can't find the right color" issues in the middle of project.

Check thread conversion chart before purchase to view thread colors included in this kit.

Polyester Embroidery Threads Kit 50 Colors

ThreaDelight ™ Polyester Machine Embroidery Thread Kit

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