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You may embroider these cross stitch designs on your machine just like any other embroidery designs. They work on all machines. Just make sure you have a 5x7 inch hoop (or larger). For great results it is necessary carefully follow our thread change lists.

For your convenience the printable stocking sewing pattern in GIF format is provided along with the designs.

ATTENTION: This designs set requires thread in several skin tones. If you don't have a good selection of skin tone thread - click here to purchase ThreaDelight 10-skin-colors thread kit. The color stops lists of these designs include ThreaDelight color numbers, and all the used skin tone thread colors are in this kit!

Designs set is available only in 16 counts and PDF format for hand cross stitch.

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  Nasty Sue
Nasty Sue embroidery design

Colors: 17
Stitches: 59w X 80h
  What will MAMA say?
What will MAMA say embroidery design

Colors: 17
Stitches: 65w X 102h
  Sweet Dreams
Sweet Dreams embroidery design

Colors: 16
Stitches: 62w X 97h
  Business Man
Business Man embroidery design

Colors: 19
Stitches: 58w X 87h
Scholar embroidery design

Colors: 17
Stitches: 50w X 73h
  Chip Of The Old Block
Chip Of The Old Block embroidery design

Colors: 14
Stitches: 54w X 86h
  The Cheat
The Cheat embroidery design

Colors: 19
Stitches: 61w X 103h
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