Ancient Gothic Cutwork
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The Gothic culture goes back to 3 A.D. Later, the word "Gothic" for art was used synonymous for "barbaric". But as time passed, Gothic art transformed into something amazing. Gothic sculptures are formed with elongated, expressive faces that told stories. They have some sort of sophistication that other art pieces might now. To honor this wonderful form of art, we created for you Gothic Cutwork. Exaggerated leafs and unique corner patters create accentuation as frames that will liven all works that they encompass. Every thing in this designs' set was made with creativity inspired by this unique and ancient culture. We hope you appreciate it as much as we do!

You may use these designs for making traditional cutwork. Or, omit the first two threads and embroider them without holes, the regular way. Detailed and VERY easy to apply cutwork instruction is included. You don't need any special skills to do great cutwork with smooth edges, fast, once you learn this technique. Test drive the freebie to feel cutwork embroidery.

Cutwork Technique on Embroidery Machine - Step-By-Step Guide
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Corner 1
Corner 1 embroidery design

 Stitches: 15222
 Size: 3.02" x 3.02"
 Colors: 3
Corner 2
Corner 2 embroidery design

 Stitches: 9689
 Size: 3.07" x 3.03"
 Colors: 3
Corner 3
Corner 3 embroidery design

 Stitches: 13321
 Size: 3.27" x 3.13"
 Colors: 3
Corner 4
Corner 4 embroidery design

 Stitches: 7762
 Size: 2.77" x 2.75"
 Colors: 3
Corner 5
Corner 5 embroidery design

 Stitches: 8470
 Size: 3.02" x 2.98"
 Colors: 3
Corner 6
Corner 6 embroidery design

 Stitches: 8678
 Size: 3.02" x 3.04"
 Colors: 3
Border 1
Border 1 embroidery design

 Stitches: 1860
 Size: 2.27" x 1.15"
 Colors: 3
Border 2
Border 2 embroidery design

 Stitches: 2694
 Size: 3.77" x 0.86"
 Colors: 3
Border 3
Border 3 embroidery design

 Stitches: 3179
 Size: 3.26" x 1.02"
 Colors: 3
Border 4
Border 4 embroidery design

 Stitches: 3834
 Size: 5.02" x 1.15"
 Colors: 3
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