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Since the dawn of Celts, knowledge and culture has been passed down to its children by word-of-mouth. It is believed that, the original Celts were people with limited writing skills. This is why the learning process was an essential characteristic of Celtic life, as was the teaching.
An important part of the continuing influence of the Celts has been their culture; from arts and crafts to songs and fairy tales. The Celts influence can also be greatly recognized in its symbols that are present in many cultures all over the world.
We put together a set of standalone lace which lavishes you with the taste of the Celtic culture. Whether you already have Celtic roots or are just fascinated by the Celtic aestheticism, you will appreciate this timeless piece of art in your life. Each design is decorated with flowers with that Celtic spice. Truly a masterpiece in the simplest form! Enjoy the history and future of Celtic art...
The designs come with detailed instructions, explaining how to machine embroider great standalone laces and sew them onto garments.

TIP: For especially thin and soft laces, it's possible to use the 60wt color bobbins thread on both top and bottom. We've tried this technique and it works great. The laces come out beautiful and pleasant to touch.

Most important component needed to make lace designs is Water Soluble Backing. Don't forget to refill your stock..
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Square Insert
Square Insert Embroidery Standalone Lace

 Stitches: 59582

 Size: 5.02" x 4.99"

 Colors: 2
Circle Insert
Circle Insert Embroidery Standalone Lace

 Stitches: 58728

 Size: 5.04" x 5.04"

 Colors: 2
Diamond Insert
Diamond Insert Embroidery Standalone Lace

 Stitches: 28316

 Size: 3.28" x 6.66"

 Colors: 2
Doily Embroidery Standalone Lace

 Stitches: 7946

 Size: 1.92" x 1.84"

 Colors: 2
Circle Coaster
Circle Coaster Embroidery Standalone Lace

 Stitches: 7636

 Size: 2.02" x 1.98"

 Colors: 2
Square Coaster
Square Coaster Embroidery Standalone Lace

 Stitches: 9459

 Size: 2.02" x 2.02"

 Colors: 2
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