Chestnut Doilies
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This set of standalone chestnut lace doilies is great for making fast, fancy gifts and gorgeous home decor items. You may use the designs as standalone doilies, or sew them into fabric semi-automatically, if the project requires so.

The designs come with detailed instruction, explaining how to machine embroider great standalone laces, and how to combine all pieces together easily, and attach them to final projects.

TIP: For especially thin and soft laces, it's possible to use the 60wt color bobbins thread on both top and bottom. We've tried this technique and it works great. The laces come out beautiful and pleasant to touch.

Most important component needed to make lace designs is Water Soluble Backing. Don't forget to refill your stock..
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Oval Doily Large
Oval Doily Large embroidery design

 Stitches: 53858

 Size: 4.35" x 6.90"

 Colors: 5
Oval Doily Small
Oval Doily Small embroidery design

 Stitches: 53887

 Size: 4.49" x 5.87"

 Colors: 5
Doily Sector
Doily Sector embroidery design

 Stitches: 40112

 Size: 6.14" x 4.87"

 Colors: 5
Round Doily Large
Round Doily Large embroidery design

 Stitches: 54102

 Size: 4.68" x 4.69"

 Colors: 5
Round Doily Small
Round Doily Small embroidery design

 Stitches: 33999

 Size: 3.87" x 3.60"

 Colors: 5
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