Christian Bible Lace
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Project Idea with Christian Bible Lace
We've made these lace designs for Bible Cover & bookmarks project, but you may use them for quite a few different purposes. For example - making pillows, photo album covers, evening purses and other elegant stuff. Excellent for making Christmas gifts.

The designs come with detailed instruction, explaining how to machine embroider great standalone laces. Another included instruction shows how to sew these lace designs into garments easily, and half automatically.

TIP: For especially thin and soft laces, it's possible to use the 60wt color bobbins thread on both top and bottom. We've tried this technique and it works great. The laces come out beautiful and pleasant to touch.

Most important component needed to make lace designs is Water Soluble Backing. Don't forget to refill your stock..
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 Hanging Ornament Lily
Hanging Ornament Lily embroidery design

Stitches: 5470

Size: 1.99" x 2.29"

Colors: 2
 Bible Cover Back Insert
Bible Cover Back Insert embroidery design
Freebie Archive...

Stitches: 6788

Size: 1.88" x 2.93"

Colors: 4
 Bible Cover Edge
Bible Cover Edge embroidery design

Stitches: 13145

Size: 1.17" x 6.35"

Colors: 3
Bookmark embroidery design

Stitches: 12312

Size: 1.16" x 6.85"

Colors: 3
 Corner Left
Corner Left embroidery design

Stitches: 22462

Size: 4.91" x 5.28"

Colors: 3
 Corner Right
Corner Right embroidery design

Stitches: 22020

Size: 4.93" x 4.91"

Colors: 3
 Curved Insert
Curved Insert embroidery design

Stitches: 14707

Size: 3.23" x 2.48"

Colors: 4
 Deco Anchor
Deco Anchor embroidery design

Stitches: 1262

Size: 1.16" x 1.81"

Colors: 1
 Deco Cross
Deco Cross embroidery design

Stitches: 1301

Size: 1.13" x 2.00"

Colors: 1
 Deco Heart
Deco Heart embroidery design

Stitches: 1349

Size: 1.23" x 1.80"

Colors: 1
 Hanging Ornament Jerusalem Cross
Hanging Ornament Jerusalem Cross embroidery design

Stitches: 5484

Size: 2.00" x 2.09"

Colors: 2
 Hanging Ornament
Hanging Ornament embroidery design

Stitches: 4693

Size: 1.99" x 2.12"

Colors: 2
 Bible Cover Front
Bible Cover Front embroidery design

Stitches: 52400

Size: 4.94" x 6.93"

Colors: 3
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