Christmas Lace Ornaments 2
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This lace collection offers a nearly endless potential for making fast, professional looking in-hoop gifts.

This lace ornaments set offers plenty of options for making fast,professional looking Christmas gifts.

They can be used on their own for decorating windows, making mobiles,Christmas tree ornaments and bookmarks. Each ornament design isdigitized with a tiny eyelet at the top. This eyelet may be usedfor hanging an ornament on Christmas tree or tying a bow over it.

The designs come with detailed instruction, explaining how to machine embroider great standalone laces. Another included instruction shows how to sew these lace designs into garments easily, and half automatically.

TIP: For especially thin and soft laces, it's possible to use the 60wt color bobbins thread on both top and bottom. We've tried this technique and it works great. The laces come out beautiful and pleasant to touch.

Most important component needed to make lace designs is Water Soluble Backing. Don't forget to refill your stock..
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Boy on the Sledge
Boy on the Sledge_embroidery design

 Stitches: 27473

 Size: 3.61" x 4.13"

 Colors: 17
Christmas Fawn
Christmas Fawn_embroidery design

 Stitches: 26169

 Size: 2.97" x 4.52"

 Colors: 11
Girl with Grandfather's Clock
Girl with Grandfather's Clock_embroidery design

 Stitches: 33019

 Size: 3.56" x 4.22"

 Colors: 18
Greeting Poppy
Greeting Poppy_embroidery design

 Stitches: 27133

 Size: 3.79" x 4.15"

 Colors: 14
Santas Mittens
Santas Mittens_embroidery design

 Stitches: 22178

 Size: 2.96" x 3.65"

 Colors: 12
Santa_embroidery design

 Stitches: 33377

 Size: 3.55" x 4.22"

 Colors: 18
Pair of Christmas Wishes
Pair of Christmas Wishes_embroidery design

 Stitches: 28698

 Size: 3.60" x 4.09"

 Colors: 22
Smoking Santa
Smoking Santa_embroidery design

 Stitches: 24546

 Size: 3.42" x 4.10"

 Colors: 13
Snowman on the Sledge
Snowman on the Sledge_embroidery design

 Stitches: 29174

 Size: 3.20" x 4.83"

 Colors: 16
Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear_embroidery design

 Stitches: 31245

 Size: 3.98" x 4.22"

 Colors: 14
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