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Cutwork Butterflies machine embroidery FONT
This cutwork butterflies alphabet is a true find for monogramming vintage style items. Cutwork, or Richelieau, is very old embroidery technique. It's roots come from Italy.

Holes are cut out into certain spots of embroidered fabrics, creating beautiful and intriguing "see through" effect. You've probably seen the cheap version of cutwork a lot.

The idea of cutting may sound complicated. Yet, we've developed unique method for machine embroidery, that allows to create cutwork unbelievably easy. Instruction is included - all secret is summed up into 5 sentences. A ten year old kid can apply this technique successfully, without help. Even better - because of this technique your results will look more professional and "clean" than you can now even think possible. With smooth edges - not the usual ugly "fringe".

Traditionally, cutwork is embroidered on natural linens and cottons, white on white. Yet, the modern variations are much wider. You may embroider the letters on practically any fabric, in darker or lighter thread, or even using metallics. Contrast color schemes can also be used (with care).
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 Cutwork Butterflies machine embroidery FONT
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 Cutwork Butterflies machine embroidery FONT
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