Dutch Girls Kitchen Set
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The Dutch culture is famous for windmills, tulips, wooden shoes, and much more... In light of these gems, we bring to you some taste for the culture. The cute Dutch girls will surely make a simple item look inviting. Great to embroider on kitchen items, like kitchen towels, drapes, tablecloths, coasters and more! Celebrate the Dutch traditions and enjoy the beauty of the culture with us. Een goede dag verder!
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Love-to-embroider Dutch Girl
Love-to-embroider Dutch Girl  embroidery design

 Stitches: 4145
 Size: 3.89" x 5.02"
 Colors: 3
Pan-wiping Dutch Girl
Pan-wiping Dutch Girl  embroidery design

 Stitches: 4777
 Size: 4.09" x 5.51"
 Colors: 3
Plate-cleaning Dutch Girl
Plate-cleaning Dutch Girl  embroidery design

 Stitches: 4898
 Size: 4.12" x 5.00"
 Colors: 3
Resting-with-tea Dutch Girl
Resting-with-tea Dutch Girl  embroidery design

 Stitches: 3821
 Size: 3.43" x 4.93"
 Colors: 3
Silverware-shining Dutch Girl
Silverware-shining Dutch Girl  embroidery design

 Stitches: 3939
 Size: 3.77" x 4.98"
 Colors: 3
Table-Serving Dutch Girl
Table-Serving Dutch Girl  embroidery design

 Stitches: 4267
 Size: 4.28" x 5.50"
 Colors: 3
Walking Clog Vases
Walking Clog Vases  embroidery design

 Stitches: 2294
 Size: 3.50" x 2.178"
 Colors: 2
Standing Clog Vase
Standing Clog Vase  embroidery design

 Stitches: 2578
 Size: 3.73" x 3.24"
 Colors: 3
Growing Tulips (two sizes)
Growing Tulips embroidery design

 Stitches: 2286
 Size: 1.98" x 4.01"
 Colors: 3

 Stitches: 1801
 Size: 1.48" x 3.00"
 Colors: 3
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