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Project made by Franca Paterno. Made from three different designs: Family Crest Lion, Medieval Frames 2 and letter P

The lion was a very common symbol in difficult, medieval times when heraldry was invented.
He represents guardianship, bravery, ferocity and strength.
This is very comparable to the natural qualities of the animal who protects his pride and casts out unwanted guests with its infamous roar! No wonder the Dandy Lion from The Wizard of Oz yearned to become brave; his ancestry required it.
And this is why heraldic symbols include lions, representing a fearless character, even in times of turmoil.

This Family Crest Lion design fits wonderfully in the medieval frames to inspire strength and vigor in our everyday lives, while instilling a bit of history in its threads.
The king in your household would appreciate this symbol as a sign of respect and gratitude.
It can be a perfect embellishment on towels, robes, even upholstery, always inspiring bravery in hard times.
It is the magic potion from The Wizard of Oz.

Small 4" x 4"

Stitches: 11382

Size: 2.95" x 3.91"

Colors: 1

Family Crest Lion

Medium 5" x 7" No PCS files in this size

Stitches: 13806

Size: 3.78" x 5.02"

Colors: 1

Family Crest Lion

Large 5" x 7" No PCS files in this size

Stitches: 16471

Size: 4.72" x 6.27"

Colors: 1

Family Crest Lion

XLarge 6" x 8" No PCS files in this size

Stitches: 19915

Size: 5.90" x 7.83"

Colors: 1

Family Crest Lion

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