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Heat-Away/TearAway Backing Stabilizer- 24-inch x 10-yards

This heat-away stabilizer ( fusible stabilizer) also tears away very easily. It's soft, pleasant to touch and can be utilized with great success for a variety of tricky applications. For example, if:

  • Your fabric and design need backing to remain under the stitches,
    but you can't use regular tearaway or cutaway (the design and/or
    fabric may be too delicate for tearaway and too sheer for cutaway).
  • Your project is NOT WASHABLE, too delicate for simple tearaway and
    too sheer for cutaway.
  • You're working with some special technique, like making lace at an
    edge, and water soluble isn't enough for the job.
  • You want to create standalone embroidery from a design that isn't
    digitized as standalone lace (you can just embroider on fusible
    stabilizer, tear or cut the excess of it and then melt the remaining
    edges completely).

How To Use:
After embroidery is finished, you just tear or cut away the edges, and then melt the remainder completely using a hot iron.

CAUTION: NEVER, NEVER, NEVER use STEAM iron with fusible stabilizer, to avoid ruining your fabric.

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