Heat-Away Backing - 24 inch x 10 yards
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Heat-Away Topping Stabilizer- 24-inch x 10-yards

When to use heat-away topping film:
Heat-Away Topping Film is needed when you want to machine embroider on fabric that has tendency for absorbing stitches. Naturally, this fabrics should be iron-friendly.

Some examples of iron-friendly fabrics are:

  • Terry cloth
  • Cotton Velvet
  • Cotton Knits
  • Corduroy
  • Jersey

The purpose of topping film is to prevent stitches from sinking into your fabric. And the difference between an embroidery done through topping film, and one done without any topping, can be absolutely dramatic. Without topping, if you're working with stitches-absorbing type of fabric, your project may be totally ruined. While a small piece of topping film could turn it into a hit.

How To Use:
Place one layer of film over the main fabric (no need to hoop the topping). Embroider your design. Once the embroidery is finished, remove the hoop, cut away the large pieces of topping, put a piece of regular paper over the embroidery. Heat your iron to 260F (120C) temperature or higher, and iron the embroidery through that piece of paper. The rest of topping should disappear. The topping will remain on the paper, your embroidery will look great, and your iron will remain clean this way.

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