Hot Melt Tape 0.5" x 110 yds
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Double Sided Hot Melt Bias Tape 0.5" x 110 yds White, 23gsm

Hot Melt Bias Tape is a fusible bonding tape for hems, trims, belts, appliques and quilts.
Ideal for any fabric craft project, embroidering, quilting and appliqueing. For best results when ironing on, be sure to avoid stretching the knit.

  • For joining hems, facings, trims, appliques, quilts & laces
  • Use it for quilting, applique, embroidering & patchwork
  • This product will securely bond any fabric that can be steam pressed, before sewing.
  • Low heat, washable, dry cleanable

Hot Melt Bias Tape 0.5 x 110 ydsHot Melt Bias Tape 0.5 x 110 yds

How To Use:

--Place fusing tape between fabric layers.
--Cut web to required length and place between two sides of fabric to be bonded.
Do not allow tape to protrude or have direct contact with iron
--Set iron to a hot temperature and use a low steam setting.synthetics need special not allow to dry out
--Press iron slowly and firmly over hem for approx 20 seconds. Allow to cool for 5 minutes
--Gently test for bond. If required repeat step above til fully bonded

Care instruction:--Always test on an inconspicuous area first.--Hemming Web is washable and dry-cleanable.

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