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Tear-Away Iron-On Stabilizer - Cotton White - 24 inch" width

A tear away embroidery backing with a fusible on one side.
Medium heat from a household iron will activate the adhesive, allowing you to fuse the backing on any material.
Gives additional support to stretchy, non-stable items during the embroidery process.
For very light fabrics take one layer. For thicker fabrics use two layers. Placement direction isn't important - it holds and tears equally well in all directions.

Cotton tear-away stabilizer tears away easily when embroidery is finished. It also can be ironed-on to fabric temporary, to ensure that the fabric doesn't move when you're embroidering.
This stabilizer is excellent for medium to heavyweight knit fabric. For best results when ironing on, be sure to avoid stretching the knit.

The main advantage of cotton tearaway is that it it becomes very soft after you launder the embroidered item. Super for non-stretchy types of fabric. Especially when softness is important. It may be used for:

  • Embroidering on babies clothes
  • Embroidering on skin touching men & ladies clothes
  • Use it for quilting & patchwork
  • Use to stabilize knits so they won't stretch during embroidery. They are just like a normal tear-away, but become fusible when ironed on to the fabric.
  • If you are using a stretch or knit fabric then stabilize with iron-on tear-away first and then embroider as on woven. Make sure that the fabric will not stretch when ironing-on.
  • Iron-on, fusible tear-away makes it easier to keep the fabric and stabilizer on-grain during hooping without stretching or distorting the fabric. And it prevent any shifting that may occur during stitching, especially when stitching a large area.
  • Avoid using an iron-on for tightly packed rows of stitches, because it will be difficult to remove.

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