Lace Coaster Doily
Item #: EI-001
Our Price: $7.00

Description & Details

This embroidered Lace Coaster is ready for you to use.
It measures 6.28" x 4.00"
Made from 100% Polyester Embroidery Thread.
Color: Red, White
Made in USA
Use it as a drink coaster, vase doily or any other decoration.
You set up the dinner table, perfectly aligning spoons and napkins, picking out that special tableware and glasses. But something is missing... Ah! Of course, the flower bouquet you just bought is still laying down on the counter unbundled. You carefully unwrap it, put it in a vase and on the doily at the center of the table. Now everything is perfect. The colors of the doily gently reflect in the vase and spread across the table blessing your guests and the food. This doily delights glassware like they were made for each other. Perfect in any color, it is a must at every dinner table

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