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New friends are coming to visit the ABC animal farm. Here, we brought together all kinds of Little Chummy Critters to make you and your kids smile. From farm animals like the donkey, to wild animals like the lion, your kids clothes will never be dull again. While making something, like a plain white bib, look creative and beautiful, you can also teach your toddler the name and the sound that each animal makes.
So every day your cutie will be dressed in a new outfit and will learn all about the sewn Critter. The great news is that each Critter is sold separately, so you can pick and choose your favorites.
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Charming Stallion
Charming Stallion embroidery designs

 Stitches: 18018
 Size: 3.24" x 4.52"
 Colors: 5
Clever Ludwig
Clever Ludwig embroidery designs

 Stitches: 24561
 Size: 4.28" x 3.81"
 Colors: 7
Curly-horn Ram
Curly-horn Ram embroidery designs

 Stitches: 19917
 Size: 3.83" x 3.33"
 Colors: 9
Dancing Doris Rex
Dancing Doris Rex embroidery designs

 Stitches: 17104
 Size: 3.82" x 3.25"
 Colors: 5
Drumming Tom-Tom
Drumming Tom-tom embroidery designs

 Stitches: 19102
 Size: 3.54" x 3.82"
 Colors: 10
Eric the Hedgehog
Eric the Hedgehog embroidery designs

 Stitches: 18872
 Size: 2.68" x 3.81"
 Colors: 8
Leo-King of the Jungle
Leo-King of the Jungle embroidery designs

 Stitches: 23176
 Size: 4.68" x 3.52"
 Colors: 8
Michael J. Frog
Michael J. Frog embroidery designs

 Stitches: 12473
 Size: 2.61" x 3.81"
 Colors: 6
Munching Henry
Munching Henry embroidery designs

 Stitches: 15689
 Size: 3.80" x 3.02"
 Colors: 7
Playful Chester
Playful Chester embroidery designs

 Stitches: 18522
 Size: 4.49" x 3.51"
 Colors: 6
Rocky Raccoon
Rocky Raccoon  embroidery designs

 Stitches: 16676
 Size: 2.63" x 3.80"
 Colors: 9
Smirking Zoe
Smirking Zoe  embroidery designs

 Stitches: 25563
 Size: 4.53" x 4.51"
 Colors: 5
Stomping Jack
Stomping Jack  embroidery designs

 Stitches: 16883
 Size: 4.76" x 3.31"
 Colors: 5
Tardy Ralph
Tardy Ralph  embroidery designs

 Stitches: 16912
 Size: 3.82" x 3.40"
 Colors: 7
Hardy Chick
Hardy Chick  embroidery designs

 Stitches: 13684
 Size: 2.78" x 3.82"
 Colors: 6
Speedy Alvin
Speedy Alvin embroidery designs

 Stitches: 13381
 Size: 2.91" x 3.82"
 Colors: 5
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