Medieval Splendor
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This collection is featuring 13 beautiful designs in Medieval style of different shapes. All designs are for 5x7-inch hoop. Great collection for home decor and for fashion accessories. Prominence of these designs gives texture, dimension and a perspective look.


These designs stitch out great with metallic threads. You may get metallic threads in the exact colors you desire or purchase the 15 color kit.

You may learn more how to deal with metallic thread here

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Medieval Ornament
Medieval Ornament Embroidery Design

 Stitches: 18479
 Size: 4.53" x 4.31"
 Colors: 1
Medieval Embellishment
Medieval Embellishment Embroidery Design

 Stitches: 25094
 Size: 5.02" x 5.20"
 Colors: 1
Medieval Emblem
Medieval Emblem Embroidery Design

 Stitches: 6049
 Size: 3.02" x 2.77"
 Colors: 1
Medieval Grace
Medieval Grace Embroidery Design

 Stitches: 21483
 Size: 5.65" x 5.02"
 Colors: 1
Medieval Splendor
Medieval Splendor Embroidery Design

 Stitches: 24125
 Size: 4.01" x 4.01"
 Colors: 1
Medieval Eminence
Medieval Eminence Embroidery Design

 Stitches: 8231
 Size: 4.01" x 4.17"
 Colors: 1
Medieval Crown
Medieval Crown Embroidery Design

 Stitches: 20350
 Size: 4.02" x 3.94"
 Colors: 1
Medieval Dazzle
Medieval Dazzle Embroidery Design

 Stitches: 25486
 Size: 5.98" x 5.02"
 Colors: 1
Medieval Frame
Medieval Frame Embroidery Design

 Stitches: 25368
 Size: 5.02" x 5.94"
 Colors: 1
Medieval Vignette
Medieval Vignette Embroidery Design

 Stitches: 21765
 Size: 4.58" x 6.51"
 Colors: 1
Medieval Flower
Medieval Flower Embroidery Design

 Stitches: 7926
 Size: 2.24" x 5.02"
 Colors: 1
Medieval Swag
Medieval Swag Embroidery Design

 Stitches: 15081
 Size: 2.43" x 6.90"
 Colors: 1
Medieval Pendant
Medieval Pendant Embroidery Design

 Stitches: 24848
 Size: 7.02" x 2.43"
 Colors: 1
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