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Long before medicine and wallpaper was around, people used flowers to better themselves physically and spiritually. Why you may ask? Well, apart from its obvious beauty, flowers have perfume that clear the stressed mind and the ingredients to make any woman melt. It is no wonder that Egyptians used them to dye clothes and decorate royal palaces. “Gardens of vines, of trees, fruits and flowers are around thy temple and before thy face” (Ramses III). Our team decided to give you a piece of mind in this economic turmoil and bring you the beauty of flowers. We give you the Sacred Wildflower Garden.

Take a look on the sample. It shows two napkins we made with a use of two designs from this set. We arranged two elements into unique and beautiful look. You can use our tips below and your imagination to create your own unique item.

Precise Designs Positioning Using Paper Templates

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Colorful Lilies Cleave

 Stitches: 23383
 Size: 4.95" x 4.94"
 Colors: 6
The Blue Flower Cleave

 Stitches: 24015
 Size: 4.91" x 4.92"
 Colors: 6
Garden Flower Mural

 Stitches: 11963
 Size: 5.55" x 2.52"
 Colors: 6
Oriental Poppy Mural

 Stitches: 9939
 Size: 5.01" x 2.55"
 Colors: 4
Garden Mandala

 Stitches: 18359
 Size: 4.00" x 4.00"
 Colors: 4
Mountain Flower

 Stitches: 4501
 Size: 2.24" x 2.50"
 Colors: 3
The Blue Flower

 Stitches: 4873
 Size: 2.03" x 1.98"
 Colors: 4
Colorful Lilies

 Stitches: 4807
 Size: 3.01" x 2.57"
 Colors: 4
Oriental Poppy Crescent

 Stitches: 27504
 Size: 6.98" x 3.50"
 Colors: 4
Garden Flower Border

 Stitches: 15367
 Size: 6.50" x 1.96"
 Colors: 7
Garden Flower Border corner

 Stitches: 14992
 Size: 6.49" x 1.96"
 Colors: 7
Oriental Poppy Border

 Stitches: 10462
 Size: 4.80" x 1.90"
 Colors: 4
Oriental Poppy Border Corner

 Stitches: 10282
 Size: 4.78" x 1.87"
 Colors: 4
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