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In a kingdom far, far away, there is Land of Embroidery.
This kingdom is ruled by a strong and adored royal family. We introduce you to the Royalty of the Land of Embroidery.
Each design has a history and a character that goes with it. The king is strong and fierce; queen - beautiful and graceful; and all the other charismatic family members that contribute to the throne. Each design can make a simple item look noble.
By combining designs from this set you can get a really Royal Picture Frame. Magnificence will enlighten everything you embroider on. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!.
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The Prince
The Prince  embroidery designs

 Stitches: 12671
 Size: 4.09" x 5.80"
 Colors: 1
The Princess
Princess  embroidery designs

 Stitches: 11413
 Size: 3.98" x 5.80"
 Colors: 1
The Baron
The Baron  embroidery designs

 Stitches: 6859
 Size: 4.83" x 5.24"
 Colors: 1
The_Baroness  embroidery designs

 Stitches: 6369
 Size: 4.10" x 3.02"
 Colors: 1
The Duke
The Duke  embroidery designs

 Stitches: 5368
 Size: 3.28" x 4.85"
 Colors: 1
The Duchess
The Duchess  embroidery designs

 Stitches: 5829
 Size: 3.30" x 4.26"
 Colors: 1
The Count
The Count  embroidery designs

 Stitches: 7278
 Size: 4.63" x 2.97"
 Colors: 1
The Graf
The Graf  embroidery designs

 Stitches: 4704
 Size: 4.60" x 2.19"
 Colors: 1
The Earl
The Earl

 Stitches: 5520
 Size: 3.54" x 4.80"
 Colors: 1
The Viscount
The Viscount  embroidery designs

 Stitches: 5657
 Size: 4.02" x 2.00"
 Colors: 1
The Lord
The Lord  embroidery designs
 Stitches: 8503
 Size: 6.77" x 2.02"
 Colors: 1
The Marquess
The Marques  embroidery designs
 Stitches: 16811
 Size: 6.06" x 4.80"
 Colors: 1
The Queen
The Queen  embroidery designs
 Stitches: 24369
 Size: 6.90" x 3.74"
 Colors: 1
The King
The King embroidery designs
 Stitches: 12663
 Size: 6.81" x 3.96"
 Colors: 1
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