Water Erasable Pen - White
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Water Erasable Pen - White

Water Erasable Pen, also named Water Soluble Pen, Water Disappear Pen, Water Erasable Marker will not disappear by self, but can be removed completely with plain cool water or damp cloth/sponge.

It is an ideal use for temporary marking and memo writing in sewing, quilting, embroidery and craft projects.

Can write on paper, cloth, wool, plastic etc.

Note: The white markers need a few seconds to come out distinctly after writing. Water Erasable Pen Instructions:

* Pen marking can stay long time after writing if not removed.

* The vanishing time can be controlled by adjusting the ink ingredient.

* To remove the pen markings use water, wet cloth or sponge.

* Store markers horizontally.

* Keep tightly capped when not in use.

* Test on a sample before actual use.

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