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Water Soluble Stabilizer Fabric - 24 inch x 10 yards

This wash away stabilizer is the ideal stabilizer for lace or other free standing embroidery designs.
Not a Film - looks and feels like fabric

Water Soluble Stabilizer Fabric may be used for all following purposes:

  • Embroidering freestanding lace designs
  • Embroidering cutwork designs
  • Embroidering on light or translucent fabric like organza (when you want the stabilizer to go away completely)
  • Embroidering on skin-touching babies clothing (woven)

How To Use:
Use 2 layers of water soluble embroidery stabilizer, and embroider on it, like you would embroider on normal fabric or stabilizer. It looks like fabric, feels like fabric, and embroiders like fabric.

How To Use:
After embroidery is finished, it washes away easily. Just put embroidered water soluble under cold (to warm) water. Hold in water for 3-4 minutes, then wash the item under tap. The water soluble stabilizer will be gone completely.

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