Making Valentine Postcards

These Valentine's Day projects were done to show many ways of using "Valentine Greetings" designs collection. These designs are unusual, because they have been digitized especially for making embroidered greetings. These designs don't include heavy fills at all. Only lightweight running stitches, which are friendly for using them on paper. All the colorful parts you see on designs from this set are appliqué patches, inserted in a special way we've developed.

Each postcard was made using a totally different method, so look through them all. These same ideas may be utilized for any other projects that involve embroidery on paper - bookmarks, fans, lanterns, sun catchers and so on. If you'd like to refer to our help topic about paper embroidery - just visit this page.

Making Valentine Postcards Valentine Card with "Valentine Greetings" Heart Design

This heart greeting is the simplest of all, incorporating the basic principle of "paper applique" embroidery technique ->
Making Valentine Postcards Valentine Postcard From Regular Card Stock

This postcard was embroidered on regular card stock, with Cherubdesign and paper appliqué insert for the heart & hair. It's a nice, easy-to-do card. You'll also learn to position card stock in hoop exactly where you want ->
Making Valentine Postcards Valentine Postcard With Mirrored Design

This greeting is reversible, with angel on each side. It was embroidered on quite lightweight card stock, and then attached over the main card base ->
Making Valentine Postcards Postcard Embroidered Directly On Mulberry Paper 1

Another card, the most simple to do and extremely stylish, includesembroidery directly on heavyweight mulberry paper. The card edgewas cut away for decorative purposes. You may see the details explained on this page ->
Making Valentine Postcards Postcard Embroidered Directly On Mulberry Paper 2

This one was decorated with two hearts embroidered using metallic thread, the card is reversible, and includes a decorative "window" for the hearts. You may see the "window method" explained here ->
Making Valentine Postcards Card Embroidered & Appliquéd Directly On Mulberry Paper

And the last one is really tricky. It was embroidered and appliquéd from 2 sides at once, so you see a cherub on the front and inside of same card stock sheet. Let's see if you can guess how it was done ->

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