Valentine Card with "Valentine Greetings" Heart Design

This Valentine's day project was done to show one way of using "Valentine Greetings" designs collection. These design are unusual, because they have been digitized especially for making embroidered greetings. These designs don't include heavy fills at all. Only lightweight running stitches that are friendly for using on paper. All the colorful parts you see on designs from this set are applique patches, inserted in a special way we've developed. To get the idea, please go through this page. It will explain everything in detail, and show step-by-step photos. Have fun!

Of course, these Valentine designs are also good for clothes, and can be used with fabric. More projects and ideas will be included inside the set, so you'll get them with your designs, after ordering.

And here's a photo of ready postcard:
Valentine Greetings Project

Prepare the following supplies & tools:

1. Cutaway embroidery backing
2. "Hearts #1" design from "Valentine Greetings" set
3. Embroidery thread (regular or metallic, it's up to you). Metallics can look VERY, VERY beautiful, especially on dark card stock.
4. Card stock in 2 colors you like (we've used champagne color for the card and red for heart applique)
5. Scissors
6. White craft glue
7. Pencil & eraser
8. Temporary adhesive spray
Valentine Greetings Project

Step by step photos and instructions:

1. Open "Valentine Greetings" designs set on your PC, locate Hearts design, open it's corresponding PDF template using Acrobat Reader, and print it out. Such template is included with each design in this set, and is called "designname_template.pdf".

Cut out the templates you've just printed. One template should include the design image, and the second one - a picture of heart applique, like this photo shows:

Valentine Greetings Project

2. Cut out the heart, using regular scissors. You may throw the cut-out heart to trash right away.

Valentine Greetings Project

3. Take the red card stock, and draw a heart on it, using a pencil and heart template you've just created. Then, cut out the heart according to outlines.

4. Take the champagne color card stock for postcard body, double fold it and cut the excess, to make it's size perfect for your greeting card. Of course the front part should be large enough for the design. Mark the middle of each side of your postcard front, using a pencil and a ruler.

Valentine Greetings Project

5. Take the template with cut-out heart, and position it over the greeting body, exactly according to center marks. Center marks on template and on greeting should meet. Draw outline of the heart on greeting body, and remove the template. You won't need it any more.

Valentine Greetings Project

6. Now, as you can see, you can easily position the cut-out red card stock heart over the card body, exactly in the correct place, over the pencil outline. Glue the heart over the outlines using temporary adhesive spray, and let it dry for a few minutes.

Valentine Greetings Project

7. Carefully hoop a piece of medium or heavy weight cutaway backing, find the middles on each side of your hoop, and mark the backing like our photo shows:

Valentine Greetings Project

8. Spray a small amount of temporary adhesive spray over the hooped backing, insert the hoop into embroidery machine and attach the greeting card front (with the red heart) over the backing, exactly in the middle, according to center marks.

Valentine Greetings Project

9. Embroider the design. This is fast, as these designs include very little stitches. When finished, just take out the hoop, cut away the backing, and glue a nice paper cover inside the greeting, to cover the stabilizer and back side of embroidery.

Valentine Greetings Project

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